Everything you must know about Australian Culture

Australia is a developed country and also one of the wealthiest independent Western democracies with the population of over 20 million. When one mentions- Australia- various things come to mind such as Kangaroos, Koala, Cricket, Sydney Opera House, the Great barrier reef and so. But Australia is so much more than all of that, Australia is surely known for many amusing facts, wonderful and breathtaking wonders, so there are many things to learn and facts to know but among them all, here are the top 5 facts about Australia:

  1. The Marree Man- It is one of the mysteries of Australia that was discovered over a decade ago. The Marree Man is a gigantic portrayal of an original man that is carved in the desert. The layout is 4 kilometres long, and it has been one of the tourism spots since it was noticed. It is still a mystery as to who drew this man or why so much effort was put into it so it is likely that the origin of the Marree Man would remain in controversy over the years that is to come. Also, this land has been under dispute between two indigenous groups who have opposing viewpoints of how the Marree Man land should be used.
  2. World’s longest Fence- The longest fence which is also known as The Dingo Fence/Dog Fence/Wild Dog Fence/Border Fence. It is a fence built to prevent the wild dogs which are high in number from trying to make a meal out of their sheep, so the Australians kept building fences to keep the vermin away. The fence is said to be 5614 kilometres long which start from Jimbour in Queensland continuing till the Great Australian in South Australia.
  3. Kangaroo meat- Australia has a high population of the native macropod. Not everyone eats Kangaroo’s meat but it is available in the markets, and you can also find it in restaurant menu as an haute cuisine. The meat is known to be a low-fat red meat with rich flavour which is considered to healthier to beef and lamb meat. Australia is the only country in the world that eats it National emblem.
  4. Aboriginals- The first inhabitants in Australia were the aboriginals Australians. They are the people whose ancestors were indigenous to the continent before the British colonisation of the continent started in 1788. In 2011, the country had a total of 3% Indigenous Australians which included the Aboriginal Australians and the Torres Strait Islanders. According to the Aboriginal language map of Australia, it had shown a different view of the country which was broken into some regions that are based on the language was spoken or the tribal groups.
  5. Language- Australia is a diverse country. There are over two hundred different languages and dialects that are being in Australia which includes forty-five indigenous languages. Among the languages, the most popular ones that are spoken are Engling, Italian, Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, Vietnamese and Mandarin.

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