Top 5 favorite foods of the people of Australia

Australia is a diverse country with a diverse range of foods. The people are from various backgrounds, so it is hard to say that there is one specific dish for the country. However, there are dishes that are considered to be Australian food, and there are all sorts of food that you will find in Australia which is eaten by almost everyone. Here is the list of foods that are some of the favourites of the people in Australia and a must-try when you get to Australia-

  1. Pavlova- One of the favourites of the Australians. According to the story, it is said that this dish is inspired by the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova during her tours of Australia in the year 1926 and 1929, created b Western Australian Chef Herbert Sachse. It has wispy meringue base with a layer of freshly whipped cream which is then topped with fresh food and a tangy passion fruit pulp. It is a light weight perfect summer desert. Seemingly, New Zealand claims ownership of the Pavlova too.
  2. Vegemite- The story of the Vegemite goes way back in the year 1922 when a business man named Fred Walker had asked a young chemist-Cyril Callister to make a spread from the brewer’s yeast which would have been dumped. It is a natural source of vitamin B, and the name was drawn from a hat in the National naming competition. So this is how Vegemite came to be
  3. Meat Pie- One of the Australian cultural icons is the meat which is definitely loved by all. The first record of this Aussie meat pie is formed the early colonial days, and they were sold by vendors in street carts. Now the meat pie is everywhere; you can find it t sports club canteen to service stations to a gourmet bakeries. It is a meat and gravy filled pastry that earned its place in the culture and also the ‘official Great Aussie Pie Competition’ has been a national event from the year 1990.
  4. Chiko roll- Australia and Chiko roll has a history since 1951. The Chiko roll made its debut at the Wagga Wagga Agricultural show. It is a snack stuffed with cabbage, onion, carrot and beef. The snack was created by Frank McEnroe to be a takeaway snack at football matches so that the people would be able to hold the snack with one hand but now it can be eaten not only during matches but anywhere.
  5. Lamingtons- There are many versions of the origin story of the Lamington, whether it is Australian or it is New Zealand. Another legend goes to say that Lord Lamington of Queensland was served this delicacy by his chef and requested it to be named after him. Lamingtons are sponge cakes dipped in chocolate icing and then rolled in dry coconut which can be found everywhere and is absolutely loved my many. It is called as a cultural icon according to the National Trust of Queensland.